About Us

Did you know we’ve been around for over 42 years?
We’ve been providing duplication and printing services since, well, way before flash drives were in anyone’s imagination. That would be since 1975 . . . over 42 years. We’re a family business, handed down from dad to son and going strong. We know how to get our hands dirty and run a successful business. That makes us experienced, Knowledgable and smart. Smart enough to know what you need, to stay on the cutting edge of media and print services. Are you looking for customized USB flash drives? Professional flash drives engraved with your company logo and artwork? Need them now? We’re on top of it all. We’re smart enough to provide high quality, affordable products so you keep coming back. We can provide a professionally branded flash drive for a trade show, a marketing tool for a university, an affordable handout with all your content – even short run projects with same-day turnaround – we work hard to know what you need and give you a positive one-stop shopping experience. You might find other bargain services but you won’t find them with our turn-around times or our exceptional quality. All this means that for over 42 years we’ve been smart enough to know how to stay in business successfully. Our customers range from individuals to large corporations. In the days of big conglomerates and tough economies, that’s pretty good for a small, family-owned operation. And here’s something that might surprise you: we can complete some projects and have them in your hands the same day you place your order. Another surprise: our full service video and audio capabilities will make your flash drive content come to life! We can create Web-enabled menus, load your data, create secure partitions and ensure your content runs automatically…. You know, just so we can cover all your flash drive needs. We also guarantee the turn time we quote you on any project. That means we complete the job on time every time, no excuses. (Go ahead, ask our competitors if they guarantee theirs.) And we guarantee your graphics and design proofs and our mastering work. What this all means is simple: we have the flash drive solution for you. So when we design your artwork, print your flash drives and package your finished product for shipment, you’ll know you’re getting the best of 42 years of experience. We do all our work, from design to manufacturing and shipping, to provide you a high quality, professional product. Now that’s smart!

How did it all begin?
Good question. Looking at any established company, it’s hard to imagine what started it all. Usually someone has an idea, a passion and the drive to make it happen. And that’s how SameDayFlash started. For SameDayFlash, it started with Jim Woelm and his love of music. In fact, in the early 70’s he built a recording studio in his basement just for musicians. He recorded their music and made copies at their requests. It didn’t take long for local musicians to hear about Jim’s fledgling business Greatapes Corp, its recording studio and the fast turnaround time for copies. And that’s how it started. Back in 1973 the recording media of the time was the cassette tape. No one ever imagined something so small, so efficient as a flash drive. But times changed in the recording and print industries and Jim changed with them. What didn’t change was the need for professionally branded media content, and that’s what SameDayFlash is all about. Jim and his partners started SameDayFlash with an idea of providing the choice of a few reliable USB flash drives to their customers. Then they invested in not just one, but three printers: a pad printer, a laser engraver and a digital printer. With this not-so-small investment they can offer customers many customizing options. If you ask Jim, he’ll tell you they stock flash drives, print them and load data on them. Sounds simple, and for their customers it’s an easy, smooth and fast process. But it’s so much more than that, and the size of SameDayFlash’s current location will confirm that. From Jim’s basement to a renovated historic building, Jim’s love of music grew into something spectacular. But its purpose is still the same: provide quality media for your content. Today it’s the Custom flash drive. Tomorrow…?