The first message in a bottle was sent back in 310 BC by Greek philosopher Theophrastos. No offense, but our message in a bottle is way better than Theo’s. Perfect for weddings, bridal showers, engagements, birthdays, graduations and pretty much any special event you can think of.

Message in a Bottle Flash Drive

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Dimensions & Print Specifications

Bottle with cork inserted, height: 60mm
Bottle with cork inserted, diameter: 30mm (bottle base)
Cork height: 40mm (total), 13mm (flash drive component)
Cork diameter: 25mm (at top), 20mm (at bottom)
Bottle height: 40mm
Bottle diameter: 26mm (top opening), 30mm (base)

Additional Details

The Message in a Bottle Drive is a classic elegant flash drive. Perfect for special events: Weddings, Bridal Showers, Engagements, Birthdays, Graduations, Prom, and more. It features a small thick glass bottle and a removable wooden cork that houses the flash drive component. The cork top itself can be engraved with a custom design!

They are a unique and charming method of delivering your client’s most important images. Picture the smile on their faces when they open a package containing these adorable glass and cork flash drives. No joke - these drives are so cute, you might have to remind your client to plug it in to see their images!

Each message in a bottle flash drive can be custom printed or engraved on the bottle and/or cork with a full-color message, custom graphic, logo or tagline. Storage options range from 128mb to a whopping 64gb (again, way more storage than the Greek guy). Plus, at Same Day Flash we take our customization to the next level, allowing you to have your photos or data pre-loaded. You can order drives to be locked to ensure your content always remains intact, have your drives partitioned to work seamlessly with your specific devices and operating system or create partitions to effortlessly manage different files.