Printing Options

For each available flash drive model, there are different printing options available. These options are Digital Printing, Rubber Stamp Imprint, and Laser Engraving. You can custom print your design, or send us the artwork and we'll set it up for you at no extra cost!
  • Digital Print: Full 4 color CMYK for digital images. Works best for photography artwork, logos that feature 3 or more colors, and SD102 Credit Card model drives. This processes uses UV cured digital ink that is built to last. As an additional bonus, where applicable, a glossy finish may be applied to the print to add an extra shine and eye catching look.
  • Rubber Stamp Imprint: The rubber stamp method is the ideal printing solution for any 1 to 2 color logo designs. It provides a high fidelity print. This method is available for models SD100 Swivel, SD101 Snapcap, and SD103 Grove.
  • Laser Engrave: Engraving is a special print available primarily for our SD103 Wooden Grove drive, though it can also be used on some colored swivel clips for our SD100 Swivel model. This will take your artwork and convert it to an actual laser etched design. It provides a long lasting, elegant style to the drive.

    If you have any questions, or would like a recommendation on what printing method would work best for your artwork, please contact us at 612-872-8284 or send us an email at